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  • San Bernardino Educational Article of the Month - Armadillo prevention tips: how to keep armadillos away

Armadillo prevention tips: how to keep armadillos away

Armadillo prevention tips: how to keep armadillos away

Armadillos have very few interests in life, like everything else they want to stay alive first of all but beyond that all are interested in grubs, worms and bugs, which of course are there primary source of food, and the reason why an armadillo would come into your property is because you have a ready supply of what it likes to eat. That of course means the easiest way to prevent the armadillo from setting up camp on your property is to cut down the food supply or restrict the San Bernardino armadillo's access to the food supply. Most armadillos seem to know by instinct that a nice dark and warm pile of mulch you have been making for your garden is full of the things it is looking for.

I hate to say it but a California armadillo is definitely an animal that thinks with its stomach, except at mating time all armadillos seem to think about is food and they do not care at all how much havoc they have to wreak to get a belly full. One of the major recommendations from San Bernardino animal control about preventing armadillos from destroying your garden is to build a fence around it, this fence doesn't have to be high but it does need to be deep, at least 3 feet deep to prevent the armadillo from just digging under it. The biggest problem every California person faces once an armadillo moves onto their property is that armadillos number one most favorite food is earthworms and as fast as the earthworms get eaten more come to replace them.

If you want to keep armadillos out of your California property completely you need to fence the whole property and all the fences must be two to three feet deep at least or the armadillo will just dig underneath the fence. There is one theory out there that every professional and everyone from animal control agrees is an urban myth, that is using castor oil on parts of the lawn and plants you don't want eaten, they all say the same thing, this does not work at all.

The next thing that a lot of people say to use is mothballs, I have seen many photos of California armadillo holes under fences with mothballs still in the hole, also I have seen photographs of armadillo's caught in traps with mothballs used as bait, the animals don't eat mothballs but they seem to like the smell so I wouldn't be spreading mothballs around as a deterrent.

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