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  • San Bernardino Educational Article of the Month - Skunk trapping: how to trap a skunk

Skunk trapping: how to trap a skunk

Skunk trapping: how to trap a skunk

Skunks are pretty easy to trap, here are some things you need to use to effectively trap a California skunk:

• The trap should be pretty large, at least a California raccoon size trap.
• You need to set the trap in a place that your target frequents.
• Make sure the trap is firm on the ground, peg it down maybe.
• The best bait for a San Bernardino skunk is marshmallows or cat food.
• The last but not least thing is unless you want to get sprayed put a cover over the trap.

If you are going to trap a skunk you have to remember at all times that the real danger in this exercise is that the skunk can spray you. Other than that there is no real danger, and if the cage is properly covered the animal should be reasonably calm during the whole process. If you can get one, though they are hard to find, a solid wall trap eliminates the need for a cover. The only place I've seen solid wall traps for sale is online.

You may think it strange that I put marshmallows ahead of cat food as a preferred bait, the reason is simple, skunks like both things but marshmallows will have no interest for the local cat population, including your neighbors pets. If of course you think local cats will not be in any danger then by all means use a meat or fish bait. Most San Bernardino professionals will tell you, when it comes to setting your trap, set it where you have seen a skunk, and if you haven't seen a skunk, then what makes you think you have a skunk in residence because most professionals say that unless you have seen the California skunk at least twice it was probably just passing through.

Okay so you caught your California skunk, and you forgot to put a cover over the trap, now you are 20 feet away looking at the skunk in the trap and it is looking at you, how are you going to get to the skunk without being sprayed. Here is the solution, get a large towel or a single bed sheet and hold them up in front of you and make sure they go all the way to the ground, now walk slowly towards the cage and without making any sudden movements gently lay the towel or the sheet over the top of the cage, the cages now covered and the animal will settle down pretty quickly.

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